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Lishui releases white paper on ecological environment quality

Release time:2020-10-27 

  The index of ecological environment status ranked first in the province for 11 consecutive years, and the public satisfaction of ecological environment ranked first in the province for 7 consecutive years On April 10, Lishui municipal government officially released the 2014 white paper on Lishui ecological environment quality.

  The press conference mainly introduced the ecological environment quality of Lishui City in 2014 from three aspects: ecological creation, ecological environment and public satisfaction of ecological environment quality.

  Xiushan and Lishui are just like their names. In February this year, the provincial government named Lishui and other four cities as the first batch of Provincial Ecological Cities in our province. At present, Suichang, Yunhe and Qingyuan counties under the jurisdiction of the city have successively become national ecological counties.

  The quality of ecological environment is related to the well-being of the people. According to the ecological environment assessment report of Zhejiang Province released by the provincial Environmental Monitoring Center at the end of 2014, the ecological environment assessment result of Lishui is "excellent", the ecological environment quality index (EI) value is 96.6, and the EI value of counties (cities, districts) under its jurisdiction is above 90. Among them, Longquan, Qingyuan, Jingning, Yunhe, Suichang, Qingtian and other 6 counties (cities) ranked the top 10 in the province.

  In 2014, the annual air quality rate of Lishui City was 86.6%, ranking second in the province. The average number of negative oxygen ions in 9 counties (cities) was 2185 per cubic centimeter, reaching the level of "grade II very fresh".

  Green mountains and green waters, people's comments. According to the survey results of the people's livelihood public opinion survey center of the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the total score of public satisfaction with Lishui's ecological environment in 2014 was 69.15, ranking first in the province. Among them, Qingyuan County's total score reached 80.96, ranking first in the province for three consecutive years, and it is the only county (city, district) in the province that scored more than 80.