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About us

  Jiaozuo Yuanbo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. strives to practice the national low-carbon development strategy. It is an enterprising technology, industry and trade enterprise, integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service, focusing on pollution control, biotechnology and high-tech material development, providing customers with pollution control agent selection and distribution, pollution control equipment customization, pollution control engineering design and construction, and existing facilities Optimization and upgrading of pollution control facilities, operation of pollution control facilities, technical and policy consultation, free training of operators, free detection of water samples and chemicals and other whole process services.

  technical service

  Yuanbo has a strong core technical force, and cooperates with Professor Li Fengting of Tongji University (click to see Professor Li Fengting's profile) to form a professional R & D team, which is composed of more than 20 professionals and senior engineers It can respond to all kinds of technical problems of customers within 2 hours, provide targeted technical guidance for customers, and assist customers to optimize and upgrade treatment process, optimize chemicals, manage energy management of treatment facilities, manage facilities, comprehensively utilize wastes, monitor pollutants and other whole process services, so as to reduce the cost of pollution treatment of customers, improve the emission standard rate, and improve the quality of enterprises Comprehensive benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits. We analyzed the use of a large number of customer feedback, the information is: through effective optimization, the pollution control cost can be reduced by 20% - 80%, the labor intensity of workers can be reduced, and the emission standard rate can be improved.

  social responsibility

  We have a strong sense of social responsibility, and always take "protecting the environment and keeping watch of our homeland" as our own responsibility. We know that the main reasons for the environmental dilemma in China are backward pollution control technology, poor quality of chemicals, high treatment cost and low technical level of operators. Yuanbo has been providing customers with low-cost and high standard rate of treatment technology and chemicals, continuously reducing the cost of pollution control, and providing customers with free operator training and testing services, so as to make a modest contribution to the protection of our common home.